Companies that deliver an exceptional customer experience generate returns three times higher on average than the S&P 500 Index.* So why is it that 86 percent of customers in a recent study reported that they quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience? The answer is…it isn’t easy. Delivering an exceptional customer experience across every channel, every day, every time requires an integrated approach to managing customer relationships that cuts across data silos, organizational boundaries and strategies. When companies are faced with quarterly pressures and misaligned priorities, it is hard to stay focused on the customer.

We’ve built our consulting portfolio to help our clients create the business case for customer focus and then design the organization to deliver on the promise. Our proprietary approach is based on customer strategy leaders, Peppers & Rogers Group and their best selling books, thought leadership and methodology. Our experts have worked across the globe and across industries. We have designed hundreds of strategies, redefined countless processes, analyzed millions of data records and delivered significant financial impact for clients.


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Building Customer Loyalty

We were honored when a large financial services and insurance provider invited us to partner with its leadership to design a five-year roadmap to achieve the customer experience of the future. Though already a leader in customer satisfaction and NPS, the company knew that in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it needed to innovate to stay ahead.

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