Our integrated approach helps provide better care at lower costs. Because helping people live healthier lives is what it’s all about.

Healthcare around the globe is rapidly changing. New technologies and treatments identify and combat diseases faster, yet the complexity of navigating doctors, hospitals, nurses, pharmacists, caregivers and insurers often makes the customer experience a negative one. We work with healthcare leaders to improve both health and financial outcomes by focusing on the quality of the patient experience. Our integrated approach combines strategy, analytics, technology, process and operations and enables clients to care for more people, with better results, at a lower cost. Our practices serve Payers, Providers and Life Sciences leaders.


Our healthcare patient experience management offerings
cut across three categories of services:

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Winning the Hearts of
Members in a Digital World

Did you know that 89 percent of consumers search for information online before making a purchase? This has created a huge opportunity for payers to win new business through digital platforms. But, to successfully engage new leads, and convert them into paying members, payers need to have an innovative solution in place. Watch this video to learn how Revana AQ360SM can help create a better experience for prospective members, and better performance for payers.

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client stories

new wellness program leads to better participation from employees

A Wellness Plan for Employee Engagement

One of the best ways for companies to keep their employees healthy – and keep healthcare expenses in-check – is to invest in wellness programs. We helped our client create a new wellness program.

  • 80-90% response rate for internal pilot
  • 40% participation for client rollout of over 40,000 employees
  • Integrated 16 disconnected data repositories

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new roadmap leadds to better company performance

Simplicity Rewards Patients —and Provider

Kaiser Permanente wanted to improve the back-end revenue cycle for five of its major service lines. We helped our client build a roadmap for program improvements and create a prioritized schedule.

  • $1 million in incremental benefit
  • Processes saw step reductions from 35% to 60%
  • Fiscal year collections goal surpassed by 40%

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updated technology helps streamline customer experience

Streamline Patient Care for Improved Efficiency and Customer Experience

A healthcare provider experienced 200 percent growth in just four years, making it difficult for its staff to respond to customers quickly and effectively. We were able to help them streamline the experience.

  • Outbound dialer allowed for $750,000 Reduction in workforce
  • 21% increase in productivity
  • Reduction of 20 minutes from each case processing time

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