Retail and eCommerce

Shoppers with smartphones are leading online and in-store growth and success is just a swipe away.

Today, customers can cross-shop the competition without leaving your store, or even entering it. Our integrated retail customer experience solutions help brands build more personal multichannel relationships with their customers. We help companies around the world cultivate loyalty, revitalize sales and maintain the agility to keep up with evolving customer behavior.

We help brands capture the right kind of attention – and keep it. Here's how:


Retail and eCommerce
client stories

targeted keywords lead to sales increase

Sales Jump, Acquisition Costs Drop With Unique Targeted Online Ads

Our client had found initial success using Google AdWords, but had hit a sales plateau and was looking to fix that. We were able to help develop a highly targeted keyword portfolio to optimize search campaigns.

  • Sales increased by 15%
  • Cost-per-acquisition decreased by 13% through the content network

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regional and national campaigns leads to higher revenue from facebook

Snapping Up Fans and Sales with Facebook Ads

Our client was looking to expand their presence from a regional one to a national one. We launched campaigns targeted regionally and nationally and within 2 months - revenue from Facebook increased by 177%.

  • Facebook fan base increased 347%
  • Cost per fan was 80 percent lower than average
  • Facebook-driven revenue increased 177% in two months

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updated technology helps eliminate transfer fees

Store in a Box for Rapid Turnaround

Our client was operating around 80 stand-alone stores and were using aging technology systems creating frustrated customers. We helped implement new technology systems and a “store-in-a-box” solution.

  • Store in a box for rapid solution deployment
  • VoIP virtually eliminates transfer fees
  • Standard, stable hardware easier and cheaper to support

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