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Welcome to the “uber-connected economy” where customers interact across multiple channels and multiple screens at one time. They expect their experience to be as seamless and fluid as the beautifully designed devices they use to communicate. Behind the scenes, things are often not so elegant. Legacy systems, silos and data structures cause frustrations for customers, and for the associates who are trying to assist them. We’ve designed a suite of technology services and solutions that take the friction out of the experience for the customer and associate, and the cost out of the equation for the company.


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150 Year-Old Utility Meets Modern Communication

Our client, a major American energy company, was connected by old communications systems headquartered in one facility. We designed a new decentralized communications infrastructure.

  • Modern, decentralized solution protects against total communications failure
  • Seamless collaboration - even at remote sites
  • Increased stability and reliability, all with the latest in voice - computer integration

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cloud solution leads to a reduction in IT staff and training costs

Self-Serve Worker’s Compensation Claims by Phone

Our client was looking to improve their contact center by allowing self-service options. We helped by implementing our cloud solution so they could answer claims quickly and staff their contact center according to needs.

  • Self-Service IVR options for smart staff utilization, personnel cost reduction
  • Reduction in IT staff and training costs
  • Easily scaled up or down to accommodate demand

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updated technology helps eliminate transfer fees

Store in a Box for Rapid Turnaround

Our client was operating around 80 stand-alone stores and were using aging technology systems creating frustrated customers. We helped implement new technology systems and a “store-in-a-box” solution.

  • Store in a box for rapid solution deployment
  • VoIP virtually eliminates transfer fees
  • Standard, stable hardware easier and cheaper to support

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