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An integrated platform of people, process, and technology that builds customer value, across every interaction channel.

It can cost five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.* So why is so much of the budget spent on sales and marketing rather than on customer service and care? Until recently, companies viewed service as a cost of doing business instead of a way to drive loyalty and retention. They missed the irony that they were spending millions trying to hook a potential buyer on the line, while down the hall they were incenting their care associates to get off the phone with that same customer as quickly as possible. We’re helping our clients reverse the trend with an integrated platform of people, process and technology that leverages 30 years of best practices to build customer value instead of destroying it.


Our customer care services offerings cut across five categories of services:


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Complicated Customer Issues Made Simple With Expert Multilingual Associates

Our client was looking for help recruiting and training expert associates in various languages. Normally doing so can take several months, we were able to hire and staff call centers in two months..

  • Expert associates were up and running within two months
  • Maintain a low average of absenteeism rate of 2.8%
  • Average speed of answer improved 100%

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improved in passing rates and reduced attrition lead to better performance

A High-Scoring Training Solution

Our client had just tried a rigorous new training exam that produced more failure than success. With our help they were able to help produce a 162 percent increase in passing rates.

  • 162% increase in passing rates
  • Attrition due to test failure down 13%
  • Training support improves employee engagement

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lower handle time produces higher customer satisfaction

Handle Time: Down 29%. Customer Satisfaction: Up 36%

Our client was looking for a way to develop a better way for their associates to handle their high-value customers. With our help they were able to get their current associates up to date on best practices.

  • AHT: 29% lower, surpassing company goals
  • Case re-open rates: 23.68%, surpassing company goals
  • Customer Satisfaction Scores went up after plan

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