Justifying Your Contact Center’s Cloud Migration with Hard Performance Metrics



Today’s contact centers have varying degrees of technological advancement.



While some support a single toll-free number, others are able to engage with their customers across an array of channels, while simultaneously collecting information about their customers’ unique needs and behaviors. The question is – what factors are preventing some businesses from taking advantage of the latest advancements in contact center technologies?
Often times, these higher levels of sophistication require the adoption of mature technology solutions – an undertaking that can seem overwhelming to many business leaders. In this webinar, Ryan Swanger, Senior Vice President, Technology Services, TeleTech and Bruce Belfiore, Senior Research Executive and CEO, BenchmarkPortal, discuss how making the leap to the cloud can help companies effortlessly achieve all the benefits of mature contact center technologies. Discover:


Insights into how cloud solutions can bring your contact center to the next level

Case histories of companies looking to transform their contact centers

Metrics and outcomes for companies that have made the transition to mature contact center technologies


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