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2017: A Look Ahead

The calendar has turned, bringing with it predictions of what customer innovations will dominate in the New Year. No one knows what exactly will capture consumers' attention and market share in 2017, but one thing is certain: any technologies...

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That Was Easy

Back in 2005, office supply retailer Staples launched its now-famous marketing campaign featuring the Staples Easy ButtonTM. The red button graced many print and TV ads, and it’s still in use as a recognizable brand icon.  To represent...

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Customer Centricity Changes Over Time

How much is customer centricity embedded into corporate culture? Are companies more customer-centric than they used to be? Beyond talking points and lip service, what is the true state of customer centricity in business today?  “What is...

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Solving for X: Why the Future of Business is Experiential

Products don’t define a brand, experiences do. Such is the reality of modern business, where people are connected to a constant flow of information and are defining brands based on what they experience and share. Simply put, brands are...

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Take the Consumer Experience Behind the Firewall

Consumers don’t stop being consumers when they arrive at work. Yet for most companies, the end-user experience is often forgotten and employees are left frustrated with the lack of ease, convenience, and seamlessness of their internal...

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Does CRM Simplify the Customer Experience?

To say CRM software is pervasive would be an understatement: More than 91 percent of companies with 11 or more employees use some kind of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, according to BuyerZone. While it’s primarily focused in...

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Automakers Redefine Mobility in an App-based World

Look around next time you’re sitting in traffic, and chances are you’ll see fewer young drivers than you used to. The boom of sharing economy brands such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, coupled with financial pressures and Millennials...

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C-Suite Strategies

Sotheby’s: All About the User Experience Since 1744

In today’s competitive marketplace, your customers demand a good experience every time they interact with your company. If they don’t receive an optimal experience throughout each interaction, they will move on to the competition....

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Industry Insight

The Evolution of Common Customer Experiences

If there’s a constant in the evolution of the customer experience, it’s that companies are always—and should be—striving to make that experience the best it can be for customers. Fortunately for these companies, they have...

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The Data-Driven Traveler

There has never been a better time to travel with so many tools at our disposal. Smartphones make it possible to buy airline tickets and hotel reservations wherever we are and price alerts help us find the best deals. But many of these...

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Utilities Power Up Customer Engagement

We are in the midst of a radical and far-reaching digital revolution. No industry is immune. Once the domain of high-tech and direct-to-consumer companies, digital has permeated the entire marketplace. Companies of all industries and sizes must be...

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Become Your Own Uber

Look at nearly any business presentation or conference session about the future of customer experience, and chances are that ridesharing service Uber will be mentioned. It is heralded as an example of a digitally native company that &ldquo...

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Virtual and Augmented Reality: Empathy Machines

At a recent Connecticut User Experience Professionals Association (CT UXPA) meeting, User Experience (UX) practitioners and experts had the chance to try out new VR and AR tools. Besides the wow factor, they have the potential to foster...

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What to Expect from the Rise of Chatbots

Studies show that consumers are experiencing mobile app fatigue. They’re just not that into them anymore, with a few exceptions. One of those exceptions is mobile messaging apps—consumers are spending more and more time on messaging...

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Strategy Speaks

The Choice Is Simple. Or Is It?

If you want to improve your sales, one thing you might profitably consider is reducing the number of choices you offer to customers. Choices add complexity to the buying decision and complexity complicates things. Let me start with a personal...

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Proof Points

The Future of Customer Experience

The future is full of opportunities and challenges. For businesses, striking the right balance with customers in a fast-paced world is one of those enormous challenges. What customer experience future should companies prepare for?  We...

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