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Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Business

Summer is finally here in my part of the world. And I plan to spend as much time as I can away from my computer—traveling, spending time outdoors, and relaxing. If, during these times, I want to buy something, update my flight or hotel plans...

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Art Imitates Customer Experience

Customer engagement is serious business. That's why we think it's important to step back once in a while and add some levity to the conversation. This issue, we begin a series of cartoons that illustrates the comedic, ironic, and sometimes...

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Omnichannel: A Quasi State of Readiness

“Omnichannel” is here to stay. Customers are comfortable using a variety of digital and physical touchpoints to research products and services, reach out for support, and interact with the companies they choose to do business with....

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The Plight and Promise of the Omnichannel Journey

Omnichannel strategy has been doomed from its proud start. Blocked and stunted by siloed infrastructures and disjointed technologies, omnichannel has limited opportunity to grow into its intended seamless customer experience nirvana touted by some...

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Six Ways to Add Emotion to Customer Initiatives

No customer walks out of a store saying “that was a great 8.5 out of 10 experience.” And no customer obsessively measures each physical touchpoint of an experience to come up with an objective algorithm for personal well-being. Instead...

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Connect the Dots on Cross-Channel Customer Care

Customers are using an ever-growing arsenal of digital channels to reach out to companies for support, often mixing and matching what they use even in the same interaction. Unfortunately, companies struggle mightily with delivering seamless...

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Giving Omnichannel Strategy a Data Twist

Enter the phrase “omnichannel” into Google and it will find some 19 million references; add “customer experience” to the same search and it drops to about 740,000 returns. That’s still a lot of people putting...

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Case Studies

Best Western Prepares for an Interconnected Future

In today’s increasingly digital-first world, consumers expect brands to provide seamless offline and online service. To keep up with its customers’ expectations, hotel chain Best Western International is on a mission to reinvent its...

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Measuring Customer Level Profitability in the Telecom World

In today’s hypercompetitive and oversaturated communications landscape, telecom operators are constantly fighting to retain their most valuable customers and extract value from their existing customer base.  Often companies will define...

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C-Suite Strategies

Deakin University: On the Path to Digital Maturity

At Australia’s Deakin University, the path to achieving a digital mindset is much like the journey to obtain a degree: it is replete with risks and opportunities at every turn and consists of potential shifts in focus along the way. William...

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Industry Insight

What’s Next in Omnichannel Retail?

Engaging shoppers is no longer as simple as greeting customers when they walk into a store. Today, the average consumer uses several devices and channels for a single transaction, and expects to receive a unified or “omnichannel”...

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Strategy and Technology Tag Team on Customer Outcomes

In today’s incredibly fast-paced and highly digitized world, delivering a great customer experience begins with understanding the twisting paths that consumers take across touchpoints to make a purchase or to resolve a product or service...

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Proof Points

Omnichannel Excellence Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

When discussing omnichannel strategy, digital is nearly always considered a top priority. More than 40 percent of the entire world has an internet connection, and in the U.S., it’s at 87 percent of the population and growing, according to...

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Strategy Speaks

Are You Perpetuating the “Omnichannel” Myth?

“Omnichannel” is one of those high-sounding new buzzwords that has the lofty ring of ambitious customer strategy and important corporate purpose.  The only problem is that for the vast majority of businesses, the omnichannel...

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