On-Premise/Cloud Hybrid for the Best of Both Worlds


Our client was handling their own calls, and at times callers could be on hold for minutes at a time.







Our client was handling their own calls, and at times callers could be on hold for minutes at a time. They looked to us for help - and we designed an On-Premise/Cloud Hybrid solution that helped retain millions of calls.

With thousands of independently owned and operated restaurants handling their own calls, the world’s largest pizza chain’s customer service was uneven at best. During peak times, callers would remain on hold for minutes at a time, or the phone at a restaurant would ring and ring, unanswered. At these peak times, amid the maddening, non-stop ringing of the phone and the constant hurried requests to “please hold,” workers scrambled to serve customers in-person, get together orders, and oh yes, make pizzas. The corporation knew it was losing calls, but it had no idea how many, or how much it was costing its bottom line. So, how does a pizza giant ensure no calls are lost and track every incoming call, while still allowing restaurants to maintain local control and delivery?

To address the client’s need for duality, we designed an On-Premise/Cloud Hybrid solution. Initially implemented at a handful of locations, its worth was almost immediately established, resulting in deployment at 700 locations. Presently, the solution is in the process of being implemented at some 5,000 locations throughout the United States. Calls still come in to local restaurants, but if the location is busy, they are redirected to a contact center agent who places the order electronically to be routed back to the appropriate location for fulfillment. The high-touch, instant agent accessibility for callers routed from busy stores is the status quo for now, but self-service functions for placing and checking on the status of orders is in the works.

icIntellect™, our contact center reporting application is enabling the client to track calls, store productivity, analyze agent effectiveness, and generate dozens of other metrics for never-before achieved transparency into its business operations. Throughout the deployment process, our approach has been to methodically implement its solution, organically evolving to allow for the utmost in customization and fine-tuning to suit the client’s short and long-term objectives.

icStore’s™ centralized, cross-channel customer interface platform provided the means for the client to transform its business model, driving further innovation, increased sales, and an enhanced customer experience. The reporting functions gave the restaurant retailer the clarity it needed to make strategic business solutions, enabling the application of modifications and improvements.


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