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The Phone is Dead: Long Live the Customer Interaction Center of the Future

Consumers expect an integrated experience across every available communication channel, and multichannel service is becoming increasingly important to companies. TeleTech CMO, Mark Grindeland, explains how the contact center is evolving to become the multichannel epicenter. 

“Multichannel is becoming increasingly more import to companies, and the primary reason is that consumers are interacting in a fundamentally different way now that we have new communication channels. They are adopting mobile devices to communicate with—whether it’s through a video call, through a text message, and even through Skype on their phone. So, if a company isn’t thinking about how to integrate all its communication channels and how to give customers their choice of communication channel, then they are going to miss out.

The other thing is the data. If you look at the analyst data, customer call volumes are starting to go down. But that doesn’t mean that customer interaction is going down. They are actually increasing dramatically. Customer interaction is increasing through the web, and it is increasing through social media. So, a company now has huge challenges.

Today, companies have to think about coordinating all of these communication channels in a way that makes customer interaction easy for both the consumer and the company. Multichannel communications strategies and processes need to make it easy for the consumer to interact across all. But, they also need to make it easy for the company to collect data, so we can understand what the customer is doing across all channels. Most importantly, companies need to think about how they can use these channels to start creating better and better experiences for the consumer.”