Communications, Media and Technology

Communications, Media and Technology

In an industry that helps millions of people stay connected, the customer experience is now the deciding factor between loyalty and loss.

In an industry that facilitates interactions across every channel, every moment and in every geography, keeping up with customer expectations can be a challenge. Businesses in the communications, technology and media industries serve huge customer bases, need to support a complex, ever-changing array of products and deliver communication services that require immediate attention when they are down. How do you provide personalized, 24/7 support for over 110 million customers with extremely high expectations?

We’ve built a set of omnichannel customer service and experience solutions that simplify complexity, drive engagement and reduce costs. Our solutions are based on insight from analytics that determine the “why” behind “what” customers are calling about. We use root cause analysis to design and deliver the most efficient channel experience across every environment. The result – a frictionless customer experience that builds loyalty and profitability.

Our solutions help companies that serve large, complex customer bases manage a complicated array of ever-changing products and services and deliver flawless interactions across every channel.


Our Communications, Media and Technology solutions include:


Communications, Media and Technology
client stories

improved in passing rates and reduced attrition lead to better performance

A High-Scoring Training Solution

Our client had just tried a rigorous new training exam that produced more failure than success. With our help they were able to help produce a 162 percent increase in passing rates.

  • 162% increase in passing rates
  • Attrition due to test failure down 13%
  • Training support improves employee engagement

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new customer-centric roadmap leads to 50 potential clients

Asian Operator Designs Strategic CRM Roadmap

Our client had just rolled out an organization wide CRM system but was lacking a customer-centric roadmap. We were able to help them identify 50 potential customer “wow” interaction moments.

  • Developed an 18-month customer-centric roadmap
  • Identified 50 potential customer "wow" interaction moments

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new customer journey tracking tools create better digital capabilities

Telecom Doubles Conversions With Digital Sales Strategy

Our client realized there were some gaps in their digital capabilities and were looking for leverage for the growing demand of their services. We helped better integrate customer journey tracking tools to get their desire capabilities.

  • 66% increase in qualified sales leads
  • 40% decrease in cost per lead
  • 38% increase in install rates

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