TeleTech Community Foundation

Laying the educational groundwork for generations to come.

The TeleTech Community Foundation (Foundation), established in 2007, exists to support our employees' desire to make an impact on one of society's most pressing issues – education. Each year, the Foundation provides communities around the world with funds, services in-kind, equipment, donations, and volunteers. By focusing on improving the educational experience for those in the most need, the Foundation has been able to impact schools, libraries, after-school groups, museums, and more, across the globe. Here are highlights from some of our most recent initiatives to better worldwide education. Please contact our media team if you are interested in learning more.

The Foundation In Action

Building a Better Future for Students in the Philippines

The Foundation partnered with our facilities team to construct a library at Masamat Elementary School in Pampanga, Philippines. With the support of a $15,000 Foundation grant, we were able to provide vendor selection and sourcing, ensure construction standards, and oversee the construction through completion. As a result of our hard work and support, current and future students, as well as members of the Masamat community, including our employees and their families, will be able to enjoy the educational promises the new library holds.

"It is really necessary for students to have references where they can get information they need for their lessons," said Macor Martinex, "By building a library, it will help all the students of Masamat Elementary School get to know the past and the latest information in all areas."


Denver School Aspirations Become Reality

The Foundation and University Preparatory School, a public, tuition-free, charter school in Denver, recently formed a three-year partnership to positively impact the lives of 250 local students. This partnership includes more than $300,000 in monetary donations, technology, and volunteer hours over the next three years. Activities and events will include support for launching the school’s first library, a Book Trust fundraising drive and reading campaigns, science lab support, the purchase of school uniforms for scholars, teacher appreciation luncheons, providing teacher meeting space, and much more.

In the fall of 2013 alone, the Foundation donated $50,000 towards technological equipment for the school’s third grade class. In addition to the donation, 130 IT professionals volunteered their time to ensure that the technological transition was seamless.

"We are honored to receive this commitment from TeleTech," said David Singer, Lead Founder and Head of School, University Preparatory School. "TeleTech’s support as a corporate sponsor is critical in helping us prepare our scholars for college. The support of the employees and their participation in the program is a vote of confidence for University Prep scholars and we are grateful for their individual contributions."


Support Boosts Educational Programs in Boston

The Foundation invested in the education of low-income students attending the Citizen Schools in Boston. During the 2012-2013 school year, these investments helped dramatically change the educational trajectories of kindergarten through eighth grade students. With the Foundation’s support, the district was able to provide its students with the skills, access, and confidence necessary to set them on a path to future success. The Foundation’s investments supported various educational programs, including:

  • The Expanded Learning Time Program. This program focuses on developing students’ English Language Arts (ELA) and math skills to drive proficiency and determine future opportunities.
  • College to Career Connections (C3). This program brings the students to college campuses so they can begin to explore the opportunities that college offers. Students get a chance to sit in on classes, meet with professors, and visit with university students.
  • Apprenticeships. This program gives students the chance to interact with local professionals within the classroom. Last year, the Citizen Schools implemented 231 apprenticeships.


Get Involved

Our employees sponsor a diverse collection of non-profit organizations focused on education. Organizations interested in Foundation grants must obtain sponsorship from a minimum of 25 TeleTech employees. Learn more about our grant request process here.