The Right Prescription for Healthcare



The true financial, operational, and qualitative differences between cloud and premise-based contact centers



The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all Americans to have healthcare insurance in place by January 2014 or face financial penalties. As a result of this change, healthcare experts are anticipating that contact centers for healthcare payers and practitioners will see an influx of activity. In order to be prepared, healthcare organizations will need to ensure that their contact center platform can scale across  various channels to meet this increased demand. The white paper, Cloud Contact Center Total Cost of Ownership: Blowing Past the Fluff, provides a detailed categorization of cloud versus premise-based contact center TCO as it relates to healthcare. Discover the:


Impact on the customer experience when using cloud versus premise-based contact center platforms

Quantitative and qualitative benefits of moving your contact center to the cloud during the healthcare transformation

Common illusions associated with cloud technology


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