Finding Uncommon Ground: Collaborative BPO Partnering for Competitive Differentiation



Effective outsourcing begins with a simple concept: focus on the aspects of your organization that differentiate your offering in the marketplace, and allow skilled partner firms to handle traditional business tasks.



But, where do you start? The white paper, “Finding Uncommon Ground: Collaborative BPO Partnering for Competitive Differentiation,” offers tips for identifying your organization’s key competitive differentiations, and proposes a checklist that can be used as a guide for determining common business functions that can be outsourced. The checklist includes:


Identify differentiation touchpoints for each potentially outsourced function

Identify internal expertise that’s been developed within ‘common’ functions

Score your functional areas on the common-uncommon continuum

Talk to your BPO provider about a process optimization plan

Make a plan to transfer that domain knowledge

Develop a ‘tagged baseline’ for ensuring that the domain knowledge thrives in an outsourced setting


Download the Whie Paper:

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