Being Smart: The Road to Improving the Customer Experience While Increasing Efficiency



This is the story of Logitech’s success in implementing customer-centric best practices and making customer experience a priority.



Aware of the increasing importance of delivering an optimal service experience, Logitech took an inward look at its customer care strategy and identified two challenges: service consistency and increased support costs not directly linked to an improved customer experience. So, the company found a partner to simplify and standardize service, embed customer feedback processes into decision making at all levels, and create a system to mobilize brand promoters. “Being Smart: The Road to Improving the Customer Experience while Increasing Efficiency” is the story of Logitech’s success. Hear directly from Logitech’s leaders as they explain how the company:


Focused on customer-centric best practices and made customer experience a priority

Increased Logitech’s Net Promoter Score™ by 70 percent

Decreased the average customer call handling times by up to 25 percent in some regions

Net Promoter Score is a trademark of Satmetrix Systems, Inc.,
Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld.

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