The Vision of the 2020 Customer Becomes Clear

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Primed for an Exciting Customer Experience Future

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos recently announced plans to one day deliver items directly to customers' doorsteps using automated flying drones. I'm at all not surprised by Amazon's move to make science fiction into fact. Bezos changed...

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Welcome to the Collaborative Economy

Meet the people formerly known as customer/consumers/target markets. They have new powers. They are backed by powerful companies. And they are starting to organize. They are rewriting the rules of business and developing a new economy: a...

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4 Essentials for Adapting to the 2020 Customer

We live in the age of customer experience, where anticipating the needs of customers is starting to become a mainstream strategy. Forward-thinking organizations, however, know that customer interaction expectations are evolving to more impactful,...

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Meet the Dawn of Ambient Intelligence

When most people hear the word "ambient" they think of music and, perhaps even more specifically, of Brian Eno and his landmark album, Music for Airports. Eno conceived of the album after a frustrating wait in Cologne airport and decided...

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The Promising Digital Future of Lead Generation and Search

Preparing for the future is no easy task. But savvy business leaders understand that it's a necessity. Unless they are well prepared to handle the demands of their customers and cater to changes in their behavior, organizations will struggle...

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Case Studies

Dell's Future=Fewer Products, More Support

Technology firm Dell pioneered an emerging channel when it began nearly 30 years ago: direct-to-consumer computer sales. Before Dell entered the space, technology providers took a backseat to retailers when it came to building relationships with...

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Innovation Labs Emphasize the Evolution of Engagement

Technology has become an undeniable force in the customer experience space. With every new gadget and solution comes the opportunity for increased customer engagement and stronger brand loyalty. Yet, while such tools offer many advantages from the...

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C-Suite Strategies

Brentwood Associates Leverages Loyalty for Smarter Investments

There are several reasons a company may be targeted for investment: It's got exciting new products and services with growth potential, or it may be in distress and in need of restructuring, for example. These common attributes of private...

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First Direct: The Unexpected Bank

Loyal customers are what organizations strive for, but customers do not give their loyalty easily. Companies need to work hard to earn it by delivering on their promises and wowing customers with great service that anticipates their needs. The...

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Industry Insight

Measure the Value of Customer Experience Improvements in Five Steps

Each week it seems there are reports that more and more brands are focusing on "customer experience" as a way to differentiate themselves in a marketplace of increasingly commoditized products and services. Companies like Amazon, Zappos,...

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Four Ways to Speak the CFO’s Language

While every company is different, improvements in customer experience will almost always drive financial value principally in four distinct, customer-focused ways: sales, attrition rates, cost to sere, and new customer referrals. If your company...

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Secure the Building Blocks of Exceptional Customer Experience

If you want to differentiate your customer experience strategy, exceptionalism is the only option. A positive customer experience today is not enough. To stand out, you need to wow customers and deliver an exceptional experience, or they will...

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Proof Points

A Realistic Vision of the Customer Future

We asked top experts in the field of customer experience and future strategy to share ideas of what the 2020 experience might look like, and more importantly, how realistic that vision will be for businesses to implement. Most agree that the...

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Strategy Speaks

From One-to-One Marketing to Bot-to-Bot Marketing

Every time a consumer is well served at Amazon or Zappos, Ally Bank or USAA, Best Buy or Trader Joe's, she has higher expectations for the next, unrelated business she deals with. So by the year 2020 it won't be enough for a business...

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