Turning the Abstract Into Clarity

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Live By the Data or Die By the Numbers

I admit it. I'm not much of a number cruncher. I stuck with liberal arts classes in college. I love tip calculators because they save me from having to do math while I eat. I love Coinstar machines so I don't have to count my own change....

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Big Data: What Are Firms Actually Doing With It?

Information about customers, including insights into their needs, preferences, and behaviors, is streaming in at a breakneck pace. The volume of data being generated across the world is expected to grow by 50X by the year 2020, according to IDC....

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Big Data’s Big Miss: Customer Strategy

Terabyte. Petabyte. Exabyte. Zettabyte. Yottabyte. These words represent the enormity of data that businesses can use to drive improved economic value. And if you're in a senior executive position, it's definitely part of your job to...

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Three Common Data Concerns Facing the C-Suite

There is no doubt that Big Data is at the forefront of executives' minds. They are, after all, being bombarded with information about the need to have a Big Data strategy, and some are making substantial investments to be as data savvy as...

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10 Big Data Trends to Get Ahead of Now

As the world increases its digital footprint, a greater amount of attention has been turned to Big Data. With promises ranging from regulating ocean temperature to improving America's healthcare system, Big Data is becoming the panacea for...

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Six Secrets to Big Data Success

Today, it is hard to escape all the chatter about Big Data. As Google chief Eric Schmidt said, "While it took from the dawn of civilization to 2003 to create five exabytes of information, we now create that same volume in just two days!"...

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Case Studies

Robust Data Analytics Center Helps AAA Drive Relevance

The American Automobile Association (AAA) built its business along U.S. roadways by being a trusted travel partner to motorists. But it's been able to grow its business model beyond roadside assistance and Trip-tiks by tapping into its...

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Leveraging Data to Boost Fan Retention

For athletes, practice makes perfect. They consistently work to improve, honing their skills as they look to perfect their game. And when it comes to cultivating steadfast customer relationships, companies must do the same. Maple Leaf Sports ...

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C-Suite Strategies

Keeping Promises Helps Aflac Build Lasting Customer Trust

Companies make several promises to encourage customers to do business with them. The differentiator among trustworthy companies is that they strive to live up to their promises and ensure that they deliver what their customers expect from them....

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Data Livens Up Financial Relationships at Old Mutual

Africa's emerging financial maturity promises great opportunity for companies able to navigate the region's unique environment. Insurance analysts say the region has "blue sky" potential due to stabilizing governments and...

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Industry Insight

By the Numbers: Three Big Data Opportunities for Telecoms

When it comes to Big Data strategy, the telecom industry has an advantage over others due to the sheer breadth and depth of data it collects in the course of normal business. For example, an operator serving 8 million prepaid mobile subscribers...

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The Government of the Future is Built on Data

The explosion of electronic data has led many businesses to uncover hidden insights that create revenue and stronger relationships with their customers, employees, and shareholders. Researchers at MIT and Wharton have calculated that data-driven...

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Proof Points

Great Drugs Are Not Good Enough

As the healthcare industry transforms toward patient-centric services and delivery, pharmaceutical companies realize that a change in their paradigm is crucial—from a disease-centric view to a patient-centric perspective. Traditionally,...

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Infographic: Unlocking Patient Engagement Through Trust

Peppers & Rogers Group has completed the first-ever research on the role and impact of patient trust and engagement within the pharmaceutical industry. Unlock Patient Engagement Through Trust draws back the curtain on what trust...

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Strategy Speaks

What’s on Don’s Kindle?

Big Data can now predict whether the airfare for a particular flight or the retail price for a particular product is likely to increase or decrease. It can identify flu outbreaks weeks faster than the government's own Centers for Disease...

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