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Be the Tortoise. And the Hare.

The Tortoise and the Hare is a classic children's story featuring themes of speed, over-confidence, tenacity, and just desserts. The hare boasted that his speed was unmatched, and took for granted the tortoise's slow-and-steady pace. Yet...

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Are You Meeting Consumers’ Mobile Expectations?

Nearly a third of all Americans admit that they can’t live without their mobile phone. You’re more likely to know where your mobile phone is than your car keys. It’s become a preferred channel for personal interactions, and is...

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Six Ways to Make Your Mobile Experience Stand Out

For many people, interacting with a brand often begins on a mobile device. Mobile devices and apps increasingly allow consumers to carry out numerous tasks such as booking a flight or hotel room, checking balances, sending email, or interacting...

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Finding Your Voice (of the Customer) in the Digital World

Most customer experience leaders say they have active voice of the customer (VoC) programs in place. They track NPS, ask customers to complete post-interaction surveys, and employ speech analytics. But too often they are not really listening...

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Digital Disruption 101: How Customer Behaviors Impact Strategic Innovation

Digital technologies dominate strategic innovation discussions, as consumers gravitate toward online and mobile platforms for more of their brand interactions. As customer behaviors change, brands must reevaluate their approach to marketing and...

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Three Ways to Digitize the Workplace to Boost Employee Engagement

There is a common misconception that mobile and digital employees are strictly “Millennials.” The reality is most business personnel are fluent with mobile and digital technology, for both personal and professional use. The experienced...

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Case Studies

GM Goes All In on Connected Vehicles

The days when a car’s radio and CD player were the main sources of entertainment are quickly disappearing. Auto manufacturers are racing to meet the expectations of mobile-first customers with vehicles that include a wireless network...

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Mobile Payments: The Next Big Opportunity in Commerce

Mobile payments—the ability to complete a transaction on a smartphone—is ushering in a new era of transactions that is disrupting the traditional payment landscape. MasterCard is diving into the mobile payment space and exploring ways...

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C-Suite Strategies

Customer Voices Rise to the Top

“Health plans belong to people. People don’t belong to plans.” This simple statement says a lot about the mindset shift happening in the health insurance industry. BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is in the midst of this...

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The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

In our increasingly connected ecosystem, marketing and technology matters often overlap. There is even a popular name to describe it—MarTech. Yet the single biggest challenge facing the MarTech space is the conflict between the “Mars...

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Industry Insight

How Mature Is Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy?

The digital customer reality is upon us. eMarketer predicts that by 2017, more than one-third of all people around the globe will be smartphone users, spurring the emergence of “mobile-only” customers who prefer digital and mobile...

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Proof Points

Accountability Takes a Back Seat in Successful Leadership

What makes a leader effective at driving change within an organization? Research from TeleTech Consulting reveals that when it comes to leadership, conventional wisdom isn’t always the most effective. Over the past two years, we surveyed...

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B2B Customers Want Relationships, Not Sales

Think you know your customers? Think again. New research from TeleTech Consulting shows that business buyers of all sorts are asking salespeople to do more, listen more, find out more, and be more disciplined in their approach. Yet sales...

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Strategy Speaks

Technology Slams on the Competitive Accelerator

I recently participated in two different business meetings, at two different companies, each of which was wrestling with a separate and distinct problem related to the accelerating rate of technological and social change. The “game clock...

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