The Art and Science of Creating a Psychic Brand

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A Personal Assistant for Everyone

The other day I actually sat down to read a print copy of the New York Times. It had been a while, but I must admit that I found the experience relaxing, informative, and I was able to retain what I read much better than if I had scanned my news...

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The Psychic (and not so psychic) Powers of Brands

Customers are screaming out for companies to listen to them. They are hungry to break down the communication barriers with those they do business with. They want convenience and value in their business relationships, and are willing to divulge...

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Case Studies

Hyundai Makes Smart Cars Smarter

Hyundai has solidified a reputation for being customer-centric in the auto industry. It differentiates itself from bigger automakers by focusing on the customer experience. Even though the company recently announced its best June and mid-year...

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Merging Cultures Brings out the Best for Barclays Customers

While often good for the bottom line, mergers and acquisitions have the potential to wreak havoc on customer experience. Different products and services must integrate, along with separate business processes, employee cultures, and levels of...

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C-Suite Strategies

Shazam's Experience Is Music to Customers' Ears

Many of us are on a quest for immediate gratification. We live in a world where it's normal to get what we want almost as soon as we think of it. This includes products, services, and information. Rarely far from a source of information&mdash...

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Build-a-Bear Builds a Brand Around the Customer Experience

Sixteen years ago, Maxine Clark took her friend, Katie, shopping to get a stuffed animal. When they got to the store, there were none left. "We should just make our own," said Katie. Clark took the idea a step further, imagining a store...

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Industry Insight

Next-Gen Analytics for the Contact Center

Customers have multiple contact options today beyond voice calls: IVR, online self-service, chat, click-to-call, online forums, mobile apps, social media, and more. And usage is growing. According to Forrester, there has been a 12 percent rise in...

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Mobile Data Dominates Wireless Strategy

Mobile data usage has grown sharply recently, and we are only at the beginning of the mobile data era. Smartphones are becoming an integral part of modern society and mobile data has led to a change in behavior. Mobile handset technology has...

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8 Innovative Ways to Drive Mobile Data Growth

1. Try and buy campaigns Operators need to design effective try and buy campaigns that link free trials with a sales conversion program to boost market share quickly and obtain 'first mover' advantage in emerging markets. If executed well,...

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Proof Points

Customer Centricity Accelerates Among Global Banks

Banks around the world face a number of serious challenges: financial volatility, debt crises, emerging customer markets, increased customer expectations, and regulatory changes, to name a few. To tackle these complex internal and external...

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Customer Experience in Retail Banking: The Bank's Perspective

It's easy to talk about customer centricity, but difficult to actually implement it. Yet many banks are taking steps to get closer to companies. The results mean stronger relationships and a healthy financial picture. Akbank's Customer...

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Strategy Speaks

Algorithms Empower Consumers

As technology races ahead, today's corporate analytics programs will become tomorrow's smartphone apps for consumers. Within a few years, business algorithms will be defining marketing offers, but consumers' own algorithms will be...

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