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In today’s “uber-connected” economy, your customers interact simultaneously across multiple channels and screens. They expect a seamless experience that functions as effortlessly as the elegant devices they use to communicate. But, more often than not, customers are frustrated by legacy systems, silos, data structures and associates who don’t have the tools to help them.

We created Humanify™ to take the friction out of interactions. It’s a complete, SaaS-based customer experience solution that makes companies smarter about customers and customers happier about companies. With Humanify, your customers can easily engage on any device and come away feeling their issues have been handled. It puts your employees on a fast track to a historical perspective of each customer that results in meaningful interactions. And, your enterprise benefits from a scalable, intelligent powerhouse that reduces IT burdens, engages remote employees and boosts customer satisfaction.


Humanify provides:

  • A quickly scalable, intelligent solution that improves customer experience and reduces your dependence on IT.
  • A platform-agnostic solution that is easily configured and customized for your existing infrastructure.
  • A rich environment that allows you to control, view and interact across any channel. Employees can talk and chat concurrently with customers and work from a complete desktop view of each customer’s history. Customers can get straight to service without repeating information already provided on a different channel.
  • An intelligent routing and a mobile presence app that directs customers to the best resource to help them – even if that resource is not at a Humanify desktop.

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Featured Humanify Case Study

Just in Time

One of the largest technology retailers in the world was gearing up for Cyber Monday, the start of the heaviest sales week for online businesses. In response to an urgent need for increased capacity, we were able to put 3,000 associates to work in 36 hours.

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