CRM, Social, and Knowledge

We help you turn raw information into real knowledge that can be shared within your organization to deepen your relationships with your customer base. It takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to get to that level of insight, and we’ve spent over thirty years perfecting it.

Key solutions include:

  • Intensive data asset evaluation that shows you how your organization stacks up, and a roadmap to better data and technology management.
  • State-of-the-art CRM configuration and implementation that closes the gaps in sales, marketing and customer data, and creates a circle of knowledge around the customer life cycle.
  • Social knowledge technology that transforms information from a static commodity into a living resource. Companies can crowdsource for best practices and drive the right intelligence into each customer contact -- improving customer satisfaction and first-time issue resolution.
  • Web self-service technologies that empower customers, increase online revenue and deflect inquiries into cost-effective channels while still delivering a superior experience.

Featured CRM, Social and Knowledge Case Study

One Right Answer

This multinational technology retailer needed to evolve its online customer interface so that the self-service experience was more complete. We had already worked with this client to renovate the way they created, socialized and stored information. Our self-help solution used our sophisticated question-to-answer matching technology, and enabled the company to effectively leverage its own tribal knowledge – in less than a month.

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