Revana AQ360sm Integrated Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing organizations exist to grow the business, but how effective can they be if they operate separately with misaligned priorities? Our end-to-end solution connects contextual data from a customer’s online interactions to routing, scripting, and sales conversion processes. Then, the sales data comes back through marketing to optimize advertising – and the system continues to refine itself. It’s sales and marketing in an unbroken circle with the customer at the center.

from search to sales, we provide analytics and insight into customer behavior.

We help companies to:

  • Extract the most value from customer data
  • Become more “digitally visible” and capture online attention
  • Nurture the right prospects and approach them at the right time
  • Build and execute sales and retention strategies that make customers happy

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An unbroken circle around the customer engagement

Our tools and proven methodologies optimize performance at every step through seamless data transfer and continuous analysis from search to sale.


Featured Integrated Sales and Marketing Case Study

Search to Sales

This story is an example of how a successful multichannel campaign needs to be tailored specifically to optimize the experience for each channel. Our client was frustrated by the poor lead quality from a mobile campaign – but the research proved that the problem wasn’t with the leads.

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