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In the old days, businesses were close to their customers. Think back to the local bank branch, the corner store, the pharmacy. Shopkeepers knew their customers personally. Then technology came along with promises of greater efficiencies. While it may have made things faster and more efficient for a business, it created frustration and disconnects for customers. Our Operations and Technology practice brings customer focus back to process and operations. We help our clients redesign how they use systems and tools to improve the experience for their customers while cutting waste out of the process.

Our broad capabilities in enterprise transformation, process design and improvement, IT optimization and performance management allow us to bring innovative perspectives that bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Through innovative tools and proven techniques, we work hand-in-hand with clients to optimize business processes, build a culture of continuous improvement and transform the delivery stream end-to-end.

We have a deep history working with the world’s top companies – and the functional and cross-functional interrelationships that drive exceptional enterprise performance. Our team has designed hundreds of strategies, re-engineered countless business and operational processes, analyzed millions of data records, supported the implementation of numerous technology implementations and delivered significant financial impact to our clients.


Our Operations and Technology practice helps clients to:

  • Eliminate waste and redundancy
  • Improve responsiveness and speed of delivery
  • Improve contact center operations
  • Improve productivity
  • Align IT resources for customer and organizational excellence

Featured Operations and Technology Case Study

The Process Payoff

Back-office operations are critical contributors to a company’s success. This leading Canadian insurer wanted to find a way to consolidate back-office processes and improve performance. Our solution increased employee engagement and strengthened operations by 20 percent.

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