TeleTech@Home®, our virtual workforce delivery model, provides access to our secure, proprietary technology, a well-educated, highly specialized and flexible workforce, and industry leading learning innovation solutions. This comprehensive solution is designed to address even the most complex customer interaction requirements by helping brands manage the relationship between people, process, and technology. The rapid deployment and additional staffing flexibility come with the same levels of management accessibility and control as a conventional contact center, but at a comparatively lower overall cost to serve.


TeleTech@Home delivers secure work-at-home technology with highly skilled and trained employees.



  • Broader, educated talent pool
  • Faster ramps: ready and able workforce
  • Higher associate retention
  • More service coverage: business continuity, seasonal demand spikes, etc.
  • Contact center security, at-home flexibility
  • Recruit brand advocates

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Featured TeleTech@Home Case Study

Dynamic Retail Support is a Win, All Year Long

A Fortune 500 technology retailer needed a comprehensive workforce solution that did more than just “handle customers,” but also addressed product-specific challenges with ease, generated repeat business, and increased the value of individual transactions. Our TeleTech@Home solution went above and beyond our client’s expectations, helping to increase order volume per customer by double digits, and improving customer satisfaction across every line of business.

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