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Building a brand that is strong in customer experience means creating an advantage through your front line employees. A “one size fits all” approach does not work in today’s social, analytic and technology-based environment. Our pioneering approach to Talent Optimization helps companies turn their brain trust into a competitive advantage. Using Social Learning and Knowledge Management, and analytics-based recruiting and coaching, we can decrease your development time, improve performance and customer satisfaction metrics and deliver a social associate experience that drives active collaboration. Our learning curriculum design and delivery are proven to ramp up projects more quickly, break down barriers between trainees and subject matter experts and develop a learner-empowered culture that permeates every level of your organization.

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TeleTech has solutions to help optimize your employee production, efficiency, and morale

We help companies move faster to deliver great experiences through a Talent Optimization platform that engages employees from recruiting to first call and builds competencies in three key areas:


Socially Powered Knowledge

  • Increase speed to distribute and find information
  • Crowd sources the best solutions
  • Creates community

Recruiting and Development

  • Predictive analytic based hiring (performance, fit, placement)
  • Differential learning that is unique to each associate
  • Continual skill-up training

Building a Performance Culture

  • Simulated learning using real scenarios on a cloud based multi-media learning platform
  • Performance management that is linked to skill training and is continuous
  • Defined career path and coaching to build culture

Featured Talent Optimization Case Study

Back to School

A multinational communications provider was seeking a better way to handle high-value “triple play” customers – those who subscribed to voice, data and television services. Our response – a customized, interactive learning program for the client that resulted in a 36 percent increase to customer satisfaction scores.

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