Customer Care and Technical Support

Since 1982, we have helped leading brands deliver excellence at every moment of truth in the customer journey. Across industries and geographies, we manage 3.5 million interactions a day, bringing the best tools, people and practices together. Our suite of care capabilities includes human capital, facilities, multichannel infrastructure, training, knowledge management and continuous improvement. Onshore, offshore, near shore and at-home, we deliver solutions that improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.


TeleTech has a suite of customer care capabilities that is designed to improve your company's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

Using a blend of direct interaction, self-service, online support, social media and collaborative techniques, we help:

  • Improve customer experience metrics (NPS®, CSAT, FCR, AHT)
  • Control costs with scalable solutions that align workforce to daily volume
  • Manage complex customer interactions over multiple channels
  • Provide licensed associates for specialized needs
  • Build advocates for your brand by delivering exceptional customer experiences every time across every channel

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Featured Customer Care and Technical Support Case Study

From Many into One

This technology leader’s customer experience breakthrough came when it started to apply as much attention to the post-sale experience as it does to its products. By consolidating 14 contact center sources into one, costs fell and customer satisfaction rose.

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