What really drives customer satisfaction during the insurance claims process?



TeleTech research quantifies the importance of acting in customers’ best interests when customers file a property & casualty insurance claim.



You’ve seen the funny TV commercials, sponsored by property and casualty (P&C) providers, aimed at attracting new policyholders. But, with new home and auto insurance customers making up only 5 percent of the entire market, true growth is more likely obtained by winning customer satisfaction and loyalty during the claims process.1

In this research report, our own proprietary research quantifies the importance of acting in your customers’ best interests when they file a claim. Download the white paper to discover:


Key findings from the 2015 TeleTech P&C Customer Satisfaction Survey

A look at which factors drive customer satisfaction during the claims process

Best practices to deliver a superior P&C customer experience

1 Bain, 2015


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