Three Crucial Steps for Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience



From the customer's point of view the best customer experience is one that is simply frictionless.



Customers want their interactions with companies to be seamless and their path to purchase from channel to channel to be effortless. But, getting there is no walk in the park. In the webinar, “Three Crucial Steps for Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience,” Don Peppers, Founding Partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, and Judi Hand, President and General Manager, Growth Services, TeleTech, will discuss three areas you need to focus on to make frictionless customer service a reality. These areas include:


Adopting an omnichannel view of the customer that better aligns with the customer's omnichannel view of your business

Proactively protecting the customer's interest

Quantifying the financial benefits of increased customer satisfaction


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