Passion, Productivity and Performance: Inspiring Frontline Changes for NPS Success



Improving customer experience is a key objective for many organizations, and many companies have established customer experience management programs like Net Promoter® to inject customer feedback into their operations.



While many are successful, others lose momentum because they fail to engage frontline employees in the process. In this on-demand webinar, principal analyst at Forrester Research, Paul Hagan, discusses the importance of having an enterprise-wide customer experience strategy in place, the governing structure necessary for it to succeed, and the cultural levers crucial to the success of NPS. Colin Brogan, vice president and general manager, NPS Solutions, TeleTech, details the essential elements required in operationalizing the cultural levers and the importance of incorporating voice of the customer data into these employee engagement efforts. You’ll get insight into:


Ways for frontline employees to leverage NPS and elevate customer experience

The governance structure necessary to drive cultural change around NPS

The cultural levers (i.e., hiring, socialization, and rewarding) needed to drive change

Using voice of the customer data to improve NPS performance


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