The Future of Frictionless CX



Customer Strategist Webinar



Customers are gaining more control over the brands they do business with, which technology is only accelerating. New advances allow brands to remove as much friction as possible from customer interactions. And innovative business leaders are even beginning to redefine who owns the customer experience and offer tools that empower customers. The future of frictionless is upon us. Are you ready to deliver?
In this on-demand webinar, customer strategist Don Peppers of Peppers & Rogers Group, technologist and author Doc Searls, and Revana VP of Marketing Jonathan Gray, lead an interactive discussion about what’s in store for the future of customer empowerment and frictionless customer experiences. Attendees will learn:


How to identify and eliminate friction and fragmentation within internal operations.

Technology’s role in enabling customer control with tools like vendor relationship management and personal clouds.

Best practices in combining humanity and technology to enable frictionless experiences while also growing revenue.


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