Your Guide to Open Enrollment Success

Congratulations, you made it through open enrollment!

Now it’s time to start preparing for next year.

Our healthcare open enrollment resources can help you retain members and increase member satisfaction.

Preparing for open enrollment is hard. Members are more connected and demanding than ever before. They expect you to answer their questions quickly and efficiently, in their channel – or channels – of choice. They want you to guide them seamlessly through the entire onboarding process, so that they don’t have to keep reaching out. Then, after it’s all over, they expect you to keep them informed and engaged – and treat them like the valued members they are.

At TeleTech, we have the people, processes, and technologies necessary to make your members’ ideal experience a reality. From member enrollment and onboarding services, to providing highly trained licensed and non-licensed associates, we offer the support you need to lead your members quickly and effectively through the entire process.

Explore the resources below to learn more about how our capabilities can benefit your members, your company, and your bottom line.



How Payers Can Uncover Key Member Engagement Opportunities

How Payers Can Uncover Key Member Engagement Opportunities

With so many coverage options out there, it can be difficult for payers to achieve long-term member loyalty. But, it's not insurmountable. Here are a couple tips to help insurers identify their high- versus low-value members and reduce member churn. The tips include:

Use smarter insights

Earn trust with proactive care


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Customer Experience Benchmark Research Report

Benchmark Report

Findings from The 2015 TeleTech Customer Experience Benchmark Report reveal that while in some cases both customers and businesses are on the same page, in others, they are miles apart. In this eBook, learn what businesses can do to more effectively align their investments with customer priorities and preferences, including:

Taking the time to understand customer channel preferences

Paying attention to how customer expectations vary by industry

Treating customers as the unique individuals they are


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Members Just Want Their Questions Answered

12 leadership drivers to move from vision to results

In The 2015 TeleTech Customer Experience Benchmark Report, we surveyed 176 customer experience professionals and 3,515 consumers to gauge their perceptions of how businesses deliver customer experience. Results related to the healthcare industry are presented in infographic format here. Key findings include:

Say yes to self-service. Both businesses and consumers think it is a worthwhile channel in which to invest more resources.

Consumers are cost-conscious, but also want simple information. They consider frictionless experiences to be a key loyalty driver.


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Five Steps to Retain Members

The open enrollment period is a critical time, as customers begin to pore over their coverage options. To be successful, you need to be able to both engage existing members and attract the attention of new ones. In this eBook, discover five steps you can take to win the hearts and minds of customers before, during, and after open enrollment, including:

Educating members on the value of your plan

Making it easy for customers to compare plans

Contacting members on their terms

Staying engaged

Paying close attention


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The New Arms Race in Healthcare

With millions of Americans entering the market for health insurance, a new arms race is emerging as healthcare payers compete for the attention of these new members. In this white paper, discover how data analytics and other technologies and techniques can be instrumental in helping payers target and acquire members in the years to come. Discover:

Best practices for reaching customers across their digital channel of choice

Tips for developing a strategic member acquisition roadmap


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Helping Healthcare Companies Stay Healthy


Driving a 25 Percent Increase
in Member Enrollment

Learn how we helped a leading payer optimize the onboarding process and increase enrollment. We created a dedicated, healthcare industry-aligned client delivery model that leveraged strong domain expertise to meet steep ramps. We also created customized sourcing strategies and leveraged our proprietary recruitment software to find the best potential associates.

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When Members Call
390 Percent More

Learn how we helped a leading payer prepare to support an influx of open enrollment inquiries. As ACA-driven enrollment began to increase, it was critical that the client quickly scale its support teams, but it lacked the infrastructure and resources to do so. The organization also needed help streamlining its training process, as well as reducing hold times and documenting procedures.

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