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You Are What Your Customers Say You Are

Some of the world’s most iconic brands—Apple, Google, Microsoft, Toyota, Disney—also happen to be some of the most customer focused. And they are some of the richest, as well. Coincidence?  A brand is only as strong as its...

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How Strong Is the Sharing Economy, Really?

Renting isn’t new. Offering a room or car for rent, charging a subscription fee for items—these are not radical concepts. What is new is the breadth of products and services that have become available in a “sharing economy”...

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Employees Make Your Brand Promise Count

An organization’s brand is one of its most important assets; it differentiates the company in the marketplace and helps ensure consistent customer experiences. But the brand promise is not delivered solely through the product or service...

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Understand Your Customers, Understand Your Brand

Today’s customers don’t just want to consume products and services. They want experiences that over-deliver on their expectations and they are happy to recommend their favorite brands to others. And brands that encourage customer...

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When Customer Centricity Becomes the Brand

The next few years will be challenging, to say the least, for many retailers. Battered by the onset of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar brands like Macy’s, Sears, Sports Authority, and Walmart are shuttering stores. Most investments in mobile...

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How Small Customer Gestures Speak Volumes About Your Brand

I recently received a “Happy Birthday” email from Cathay Pacific Airlines, of which I am a loyalty club member. There was no sales pitch or promotion included. The company simply acknowledged my special day and wished me well. Of...

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C-Suite Strategies

Microsoft Shifts Gears in an Experience Economy

It wasn’t too long ago that Microsoft defined the PC user experience for most consumers and enterprises. Computer software was synonymous with Microsoft. Eventually, competition and the rise of the experience-based economy created cracks in...

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Branding Through the Eyes of the Customer

By its very nature, Affinity Federal Credit Union has an obligation to listen to its customers—the company’s consumers are more than merely clients; they are members with a vested interest in the business’ success. And no one has...

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Case Studies

The Power of Storytelling

Brand awareness is hardly a challenge for Walgreens, one of the largest pharmacy store chains in America. Approximately 76 percent of the U.S. population lives within five miles of a Walgreens. Still, Walgreens wanted to reach a growing subset of...

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Social Responsibility as a Selling Point

As individuals become inspired to embrace social issues they are passionate about, a growing number of brands are doing the same—and boasting improved customer relationships, employee morale, and bottom lines as results.Brand executives who have...

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Industry Insight

Finding Strength in Weak Signals

There is no doubt that there have been great strides made when it comes to measuring the impact of customer experience activities across the enterprise. NPS, CSAT, and CES (customer effort score), for example, help to focus the organization on...

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Let Them Talk

What would happen if companies got out of their own way and let employees and customers help each other with service? I’m talking about full scale communication between customers and employees, among employees, and customer-to-customer. I’m...

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Creating a Personal Brand is Good for Business

When a business’ reputation is only as strong as its people, companies can gain an advantage by encouraging employees to make a name for themselves. It is becoming increasingly important for workers—everyone from entry level up the ladder to...

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Say What?

Content is gaining ground online as a way to build brand awareness and engage with customers. But along with more informative content comes disreputable stories and comments spreading across the internet. In the wake of a rise in fake news sites...

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Strategy Speaks

Your Customers Now Rule

Interacticity has radically transformed the customer landscape and more transformation is on the way. Three trends are now providing customers with ever more control over the relationships they have with the companies that sell to them: Automated...

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