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The Culture Race Is On

I just bought a new pair of sneakers (aka trainers, tennis shoes, etc.). As a runner, I really like the Nike Flex line. They’re lightweight and comfortable, yet also stylish. Before I made my purchase, I looked up the shoes at a few online...

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Magnetic Cultures Attract Customers and Employees

The secret sauce to delivering great customer experiences is having employees who are passionate about their jobs and helping customers be successful. It’s the type of enthusiasm that differentiates companies like Zappos and Ritz...

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Tap Into a Surprising ROI Driver: Culture Change

A common challenge we hear from senior leaders at well-established companies is, “How do we fend off disruption and stand out in the market? How do we grow while balancing the needs of our customers, employees, and shareholders?”...

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Stop, Look, and Listen to the Voice Within

Companies across industries are well aware that customer experience has become the single most important differentiator within today’s competitive market. However, many leaders overlook the fact that success typically emerges from the inside...

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Employee Culture Unlocks Customer-Centric Potential

Management guru Peter S. Drucker is credited with having stated that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The same could be said for the impact that culture has on the customer experience. Corporate culture is the mix of values,...

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Case Studies

Banana Republic Prepares for the Future Culture of Retail

New buying trends, emerging technologies, and customer preferences are shaking up the traditional retail environment. For help navigating through all the change, retailers are looking to their internal leaders for guidance; a move that can be both...

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Champions of Customer-Centric Culture

Behind most great companies lies an equally supportive consumer base. Where these brands excel in delivering a great experience, customers reciprocate with steadfast loyalty. However, to reach this pinnacle, company culture and customer centricity...

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C-Suite Strategies

Cleveland Clinic’s Prescription for Innovative Company Culture

For specialty hospital Cleveland Clinic, company culture has always revolved around the organization’s healthy appetite for innovation. Dr. Thomas Graham, former chief innovation officer for Cleveland Clinic, explains that innovation doesn...

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Industry Insight

Company Culture Defined

In the same way that brand differentiation helps attract customers, culture differentiation helps attract the right employees. A clearly defined company culture can attract and retain employees with the right mix of talent and character who...

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Proof Points

The Evolution of the Exceptional Sales Leader

One of the age-old debates regarding leadership is the classic question: “Are great leaders born or made?”  In the context of sales, the question is even more intriguing, as most sales leaders were once salespeople, but few...

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The Hidden Obstacle to Great Corporate Culture: Unconscious Bias

People recognize that the world and the workplace with it are changing. Companies not only use different countries for different functions, but they create and eliminate functions all the time—many of the highest paid non-management jobs did...

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In Automated Age, Corporate Culture Counts More Than Ever

It’s always preferable to solve a customer’s problem first with automation, which means less friction for the customer and less cost for the company. But the fact is that most companies’ self-service offerings are nowhere near...

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Drivers: A Story of Transformational Change

Most business leaders have a vision for improving the customer experience, and a plan for how to get there. They outline all the tools that they think they’ll need to make the vision a reality—from new technologies and analytics to...

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