Complete the Customer Picture With New Insights

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Customer Insight in a Flash

Stock image company Shutterstock has a market valuation of $1 billion and operates 11 offices around the world. So imagine the surprise that customer Mars Dorian had when a complaint tweet about the brand was met minutes later by a reply directly...

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Customer Insights Begin With Customer Data

Customers share tons of information about themselves—both intentionally and unintentionally. They openly voice their happiness or irritation following great or lousy customer experiences in social media channels. Meanwhile, there&rsquo...

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Change the Voice of Customer Conversation in the Contact Center

Contact centers are primarily designed to operate on efficiency. Because of this, nearly everything about their operations gets measured. But in the fast-paced economy driven by high customer expectations, are companies measuring the right things...

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Machine Learning: The Next Generation of Insight

There’s so much data out there, it’s hard to wrap your head around it. Luckily you don’t have to. Technology is available to do the work for us with massive data sets, often in the blink of an eye. And more importantly,...

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Capturing the Voice of the Customer Extends Well Beyond Surveys

Nothing beats direct customer feedback. It’s critical for any business to learn what its customers think about products and services, how they use them, and then identify gaps and areas of future innovation.  For many years customer...

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Three Steps Closer to Better Marketing Data Insights

The rise of Big Data and its effect on business innovation is undeniable: The increasing use of data is set to revolutionize business. But the need for data insights is outpacing the rate at which marketers are able to put their data into...

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Case Studies

Streaming Data Opens the Door to New Customer Insights

Uncovering actionable insights in marketing is often an elusive goal. Marketers have a plethora of data but few companies have figured out how to effectively leverage that data to deliver individualized, targeted content at scale. Data-driven...

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Safelite AutoGlass Gives Data Insight a Seat at the Table

To meet the needs of today’s hyper-connected, always-on consumers, even glass repair companies need a digital strategy. Great online experiences are important not only for e-commerce retailers, but also for companies like Safelite AutoGlass....

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C-Suite Strategies

Lessons Learned From Hands-On CEOs

The television show Undercover Boss exposed how much of a novelty it is for CEOs to interact directly with customers and employees. It is entertaining to watch executives (poorly) disguise themselves, then try to do the job of a front-line worker...

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Industry Insight

Real-time Marketing Is Only the Beginning

Consider today’s marketplace a tale of two customers. On one hand they are social, personal, and connected. They use mobile and social networks to share information and interact in the moment with people and brands. On the other hand, they...

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Add Some Mystery to Your Business

It’s a great time to be a customer. Companies are doing more than ever before to learn about customers’ needs, preferences, and expectations. Simply having great products isn’t enough anymore. And while there is so much new...

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Proof Points

The Intersection of Business and Consumer Perspectives

Do customers and businesses have the same priorities when it comes to customer experience? The answers have a big impact on current and future business decisions. Research from TeleTech found that while in some cases both groups align, in others,...

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Strategy Speaks

The Rising Tide of Customer Expectations

Suppose you ask two people, Dick and Jane, whether they are satisfied with their economic situation. Each has the same exact net worth of $2 million, so an economist would say that from an economic standpoint they should be equally happy. ...

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