Enabling Cisco and Avaya Systems to “Play Nice” During a Prolonged Integration Process


A large U.S. government agency was frustrated with the limitations of its outdated CRM.

After our client acquired a mid-size insurance company, it needed help updating its telephony system and migrating 13,000 associates over to it. We provided a modern solution allowing the company to update at their pace.

An enormous health, life, disability, and accident insurer with over 70 million customers globally sought to expand its operations by acquiring a mid-size insurance company. With the integration of the two companies, it seemed the perfect time to upgrade both organizations’ Legacy Avaya® systems to Cisco’s® UCCE 9.0™ telephony system. With some 13,000 contact center associates to migrate, the client chose to do the transition over 18 months, with some divisions migrating to the new UCCE platform, and others remaining on the Legacy system until the budget allowed. Taking its lead from the client’s business-driven and cost-conscious planning, we implemented the Cisco platform where the technology was able to intelligently route calls to both platforms seamlessly by allowing the two platforms to interact with each other. We consulted with the client and recommended a phased approach to allow for customer experience enhancements without interrupting client interactions. The process began by replacing its outbound dialer and outsourced IVR. The Phase One project was completed on time, and provided cross-platform integration upon implementation.

We were also mindful of the CRM, screen-pops, and customized applications utilized by both the client and its recent acquisition, and integrated the functionality of each into our icDesktop™ application. In response to its hands-on approach to IT, we worked to empower the client to perform many tasks in-house, including administration, advanced routing, first level of support, and updates to icDesktop. In addition, our support allowed the client to manage overall KPIs through its new Enterprise reporting solution, Aceyus, incorporating an advanced data mart to standardize critical contact center technology solution across all technology solutions.

With the use of icList™ and an outbound dialer, the client is now able to automatically contact customers to drive pharmacy home delivery sales and suggest low-cost or generic drug alternatives, allowing for significant cost savings for the insurer. Utilizing call scripter, representatives obtain information on customers’ past orders and medical history to aid in identification of possible drug interactions and health condition red flags, allowing for safer, more comprehensive customer interactions. The success experienced with the new dialer platform led to additional business units taking advantage of the added capabilities of the outbound dialer unattainable through the use of traditional, hardware-based technology.

The result? With about half of the client’s 13,000 associates on the Avaya system and half on Cisco UCCE, our technology solution allows for migration at the client’s own pace, ensuring that the old and the new work together seamlessly during the transition. In keeping with the client’s short- and long-term goals, we have given the client the tools to perform support and other tasks in-house, while still advising and providing consulting and enhanced customer experience technology solutions as well as overall support as needed.


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