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Our Planet is a Shared Responsibility—What Earth Day Means to TeleTech

It doesn’t matter what country you live in, we are all citizens of this Earth, and we share a responsibility for our planet’s health. On Earth Day and, in fact every day, TeleTech uses its partnerships as an opportunity to remain dedicated to this cause.
TeleTech employs over 42,000 people, in 96 countries on six continents. With the help of our clients, we have built a significant social and geographic footprint and have a responsibility to care for the world, which supports our business. Every step we take in our evolution as a company has important consequences for each of us, for our clients, and for their customers as well. It also has consequences for the Earth we share.

We know what’s required to protect our planet: implementing better environmental practices such as improving waste management, using our energy and natural resources wisely, and adhering to our corporate environmental policies. You’ve all heard or read these calls to action before, but does TeleTech really act on them consistently? The answer is an enthusiastic yes!

Certainly there is bottom line value in reducing costs by being good environmental stewards. Doing so supports our value proposition. But to us, it means more than just cost savings. TeleTech’s 2012 Sustainability Report shows the progress we’re making:
  • We ask employees to “give it a rest,” by turning off their monitors at the end of the day
  • At corporate headquarters, we support water conservation through controlled water flow (sensor-based water faucets). Additionally, we’re installing electronic hand dryers to eliminate paper towel use.
  • We recycle at our headquarters, as well as at sites around the world.
  • We use the most high-efficiency fluorescent light bulbs possible—and they’re safely recycled after they burn out.
  • We no longer use Styrofoam or plastic containers in the cafeteria and coffee bars at our corporate headquarters location, nor do we use paper or plastic plates, cups, or silverware.
  • We recently purchased 823 recycled chairs. Each chair is made up of 18 percent recycled content, which means a reduction of almost two tons of waste material for our landfills.
  • We use 100% recycled tissue paper in the Philippines.
  • Our housekeeping vendors and janitorial contractors in the Philippines and North America use only environmental friendly cleaning solutions.
  • We contract with a “green” vendor to host several servers for our solutions. The vendor designs all of their data centers with power conservation in mind, and leverages energy efficient hardware and equipment.

Going forward, TeleTech remains committed to impacting the world in positive ways. You’ll see this demonstrated globally in our building approach, our lighting systems, and our site-based environmental management practices. Using recycled tissue paper and high-efficiency fluorescent light bulbs is a good beginning, but there’s always more to do. TeleTech will continue to seek additional ways to protect our planet, and encourage employees to participate in being good stewards of all our resources.


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