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Experience Matters: Customer Experience is Won or Lost in the Boardroom

What can senior managers do today to create a more customer-driven culture and endorse customer experience initiatives from the boardroom? TeleTech CMO, Mark Grindeland, shares his insights.

There are a few recommendations, says Grindeland. “One is: talk to someone who comes from outside your company. When you do that, you get a different perspective. I think executives—especially those who have been with the organization for long time—lose perspective on what happens outside your walls. So, getting an outside organization to help you is very helpful.” But a word of caution—“you need to be very careful how you manage that,” warned Grindeland.

Another piece of advice Grindeland shared is to look outside your industry. “There are companies doing really great things and most companies want to benchmark other companies in their industry," said Grindeland. More of the same doesn’t invite creative brainstorming and innovative thought processes. "If you look outside your industry, innovative ideas come to light. Executives need to ask themselves, what lessons can we learn from other industries?  What can we learn and apply to our company that could create a real differentiated experience for our consumers that they love?”