How To Reach Customers Properly With Facebook

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When reaching out to customers via Facebook, many companies may believe that the more content they post, the better, but that is not the case.

According to Business2Community, responses per post drops off dramatically the more frequently a business posts to the social network. When a brand posts twice a day, the posts only receive 57 percent of the likes and 78 percent of the comments per post compared to posting once per day, and those percentages both drop below 20 percent with six or more posts per day.

The source shared some advice for businesses on how to post correctly to Facebook, including being aware that the response per post decreases with posting frequency, making sure the content posted is relevant and interesting to your audience and using analytics to find the right posting frequency.

If used correctly, Facebook can be a useful platform to provide customer support and contact, as it is the most frequently visited social media source on the internet. The company reports having more than 900 million active monthly users as of March 2012.