New Tablet Improves Call Center Capabilities

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mobile technologies are quickly becoming the standard in the enterprise because they allow businesses to communicate with and serve customers in a dynamic, meaningful way. In many cases, mobile devices such as tablet PCs can be equipped with a unified desktop, allowing call center workers to converse with consumers while accessing important customer information.

Recently, a tablet manufacturer announced a new device designed specifically for corporate clients working to leverage cloud computing to engage colleagues, partners, and customers through improved tools such as social customer relationship management (CRM).

The new tablet allows businesses to essentially give workers a mobile terminal to access the company's computing systems. The device can be customized to meet specific corporate needs, maximizing revenue generation and enhancing customer service by leveraging industry-specific technologies within a mobile social CRM platform.

By using cloud-based social CRM tools, businesses can deploy a number of technological solutions to provide customer care and other services through call center employees, home agents, and other outsourced personnel.

Social CRM is becoming an important trend in marketing and customer service. According to a recent Gartner report, all business applications will be linked to social CRM by 2016. Gartner said that companies should mesh their social CRM, internal communications, and public websites into one cohesive solution.