Live Chat Proves Popular Among Customers

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Consumers are changing their behavior to take advantage of new technology that is providing quick, reliable service. A survey by Synthetix found that 90 percent of consumers check a website for information before emailing or calling a company. This practice has prompted them to use more live chat programs in the hope of receiving real-time assistance.

Over Thanksgiving weekend live chat was extremely popular, as a record number of people used the technology. LivePerson hosted more than 800,000 live chats on Cyber Monday alone. This was a 30 percent jump from 2011 as businesses invest in the technology for their contact centers.

"Consumers today are demanding real-time assistance whenever they are connecting with a brand, especially during the busy holiday season," Robert LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson, told Daily Market.

The Consumerist reports that live chat provides a more effective alternative to resolving customer problems than many traditional channels. Some businesses are already moving away from email because of the ease of communication that live chat offers. Organizations can stay with the current trend by using business process outsourcing to improve contact center operations and enhance their customers' experience.