Data Management Technology Set to Drive Growth in BPO Sector

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Companies are increasingly optimistic about 2013, which may end up being a great year for business process outsourcing. Firms are likely to continue to turn to BPO as a way to save money and increase efficiency, but it is the need for new technology that will likely drive growth in the sector.

In 2012 IT development became one of the key areas of growth in the BPO sector, particularly in the healthcare industry. This is likely to continue in 2013 as more businesses look to technology and data analysis to increase efficiency. Companies are turning to data analysis to find market trends and identify opportunities which will continue over the next year. To help facilitate this many BPO providers are developing more vertical integration to provide value with their services. Contact centers now track customer behavior and deliver full analysis to their partners to help them make better decisions and see faster results.

Supporting the increased use of data mining technology is the development of cloud platforms. These centralized workbenches could see strong growth in 2013, despite slower than anticipated adoption during 2012. As firms work out some of the challenges of security, accessibility and reliability, cloud servers could create new opportunities to improve BPO.