Contact Centers Require Advanced Technology For Customer Care in 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Technologically savvy consumers expect optimal customer care from contact centers, so companies adopting state-of-the-art software will see the most significant benefits in terms of their brand reputation, sales, and customer retention. Implementing advanced technologies is particularly significant in terms of elevating agent performance.

A recent infographic by Knowlagent showed that 59 percent of supervisors in contact centers say increasing agent productivity is their main challenge and top priority.

Call center software can be highly cost-effective and efficient in business process automation, provided it has built-in features for controlling the course of the call through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functions. According to a Channel Partners blogger, IVR systems that are able to tackle problems automatically save time and money by focusing the phonecall before a live agent is reached.

Additionally, the agent can be more informed by IVR capture, making for a more quality phone exchange and quick resolution of an issue. This often makes agent interactions more efficient, which also promotes employee satisfaction and decreases the likelihood of turnover.

Not only that, but customer frustrations are reduced: The more data that the contact center technology provides to agents, preferably over a single interface, the less often customers will have to repeat information. This is significant considering 81 percent of Knowlagent's survey respondents stated that agent performance is key to customer satisfaction. Additionally, 72 percent of contact center management cited increased first call resolution as a main incentive for improving quality of service.

The contact center is the most effective when agents are able to resolve caller requests quickly based on prior recorded data. Optimal contact center software will inform and equip agents for enhanced customer interactions. These technologies are thus crucial to the customer experience, which sustains relationships and secures loyalty.