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The health insurance landscape continues to change rapidly and radically. And TeleTech is helping our payer clients meet the challenge. Serving top health insurers across the U.S., we generate bottom-line impact for our clients:

  • Drove year-over-year (YOY) increases in member enrollment across our client base.
  • Averaged a 10-15% increase in member satisfaction.
  • Reduced cost-per-transaction by 8% on average for all sales programs.
  • Achieved 100% of compliance goals and 108% of quality goals across healthcare targets.

Explore the resources below to learn more about how to drive impact for your members, your company, and your bottom line.



Member Engagement Leads to Healthy Experiences

The health insurance landscape continues to evolve rapidly and radically. Members have a lot of questions, and they often turn to payers for guidance. To win the hearts and minds of members, payers need to be able to quickly and effectively respond to their inquiries before, during, and after the open enrollment period. The problem is, payers are oftentimes forced to balance member needs with rising costs and changing technological and regulatory standards.

In this compilation of articles, discover:

The steps regional health plans are taking to overcome these challenges

How focusing on customer experience, engagement, and growth boosts member loyalty

What payers can do to grow the value of the member experience

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Blog Post

How Payers Can Uncover Key Member Engagement Opportunities

As millions of consumers can now shop for their health insurance, payers are under pressure to attract and retain members. It’s important for payers to understand consumer needs and interests. And while loyalty is difficult to achieve in health insurance, it’s not insurmountable. Here are tips to help insurers identify their high- versus low-value members and reduce member churn.

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Winning the Hearts of Members in a Digital World

Did you know that 89 percent of consumers search for information online before making a purchase? This has created a huge opportunity for payers to win new business through digital platforms. But, to successfully engage new leads, and convert them into paying members, payers need to have an innovative solution in place. Watch this video to learn how Revana AQ360SM can help create a better experience for prospective members, and better performance for payers.

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Blog Post

Three Ways to Redefine the Member Onboarding Experience

When consumers sign up with healthcare plans as new members, it’s the perfect opportunity for payers to make them feel welcomed, empowered, and supported. Here are three ways to successfully onboard new members within the first 90 days.

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5 Steps to Retain Members: Healthcare Open Enrollment Checklist

The open enrollment period is a critical time, as customers begin to pour over their coverage options. To be successful, you need to be able to both engage existing members and attract the attention of new ones. In this eBook, discover five steps you can take to win the hearts and minds of customers before, during, and after open enrollment:

Educate members on the value of your plan

Make it easy for customers to compare plans

Contact members on their terms

Stay engaged

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We have experience solving payers’ most complicated customer experience challenges.

Customer Focus Yields Hundreds of New Opportunities

This leading insurer wanted to make a lasting impact on its members’ lives. It knew that would require it to shift its focus from its products to the member relationship. We helped create and implement a roadmap for long-term member – and business – success.

Generated hundreds of new customer-focused ideas.

Expanded voice of the customer programs.

Created cross-functional segment managers.

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Quick Ramp Supports 390% Increase in Member Inquiries

When members come armed with questions, payers must be able to respond. This insurer turned to us for help supporting a 390% increase in inquiries. We applied our expertise to recruit, hire, and manage an expert customer support team.

Reduced training period by four weeks.

Increased first contact resolution and member satisfaction.

Ramped four locations and 1,000 associates.

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Customer-Focused Onboarding Drives a Healthier Experience

If members aren’t happy, they won’t hesitate to go somewhere else. Recognizing this challenge, this industry leader wanted to focus on building long-term member relationships. We helped the company design a future experience that would keep its members happy and loyal.

Identified 100 customer experience improvement areas.

Created personalized welcome kits for new members.

Re-architected the member experience.

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