With changes in healthcare delivery happening so rapidly, how do providers move beyond the numbers to offer an experience that is measurably better for each individual? In the new age of accountable care organizations, providers are taking on more risk, so keeping patients engaged has never been more important. We partner with healthcare providers to design programs around the needs and behaviors of their individual patients to help healthcare providers create differentiated patient experiences. Using the latest in technology and analytics to simplify and personalize interactions with patients, we give organizations the strategy, processes and operations they need to continuously refine and improve for today and for the future.

We help providers identify, develop and grow lasting relationships with a member-centric approach:

  • Control costs through innovations in technology and staffing
  • Manage patient communications across multiple interaction channels
  • Improve the ways that healthcare organizations use data and information to be more relevant and more effective

Featured Providers Case Study

EHR Migration Salvation

A large healthcare provider in California needed to execute an organization-wide EHR migration of 22,000 users in one day. We created an agile contact solution that could scale up or down in real time.

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