Demanding customers and a complex technological marketplace make it difficult for a company to compete. Customers spend more time online searching for relevant and local information to make decisions in their customer journey. What does it take to keep customers engaged with your brand when the next shiny object catches their eye? We know that high-tech companies must continually evolve to deliver new engagement strategies that translate into revenue and positive brand experiences. Our technology industry practice is designed to help. Across the customer life cycle, we provide the strategy, technology and operations to provide a customer experience that is as leading edge as your next innovation.

Innovation has always been the hallmark of the technology industry. The customer experience is the key. Technology is only as good as the experience it enables.

We help clients transform their customer experience
into a competitive advantage that:

  • Increases brand awareness and revenue
  • Delivers SEO and SEM tactics that drive better campaign ROI
  • Grows customer accounts with new products and services
  • Knits multichannel customer interactions together into one cohesive experience
  • Maintains loyalty and turns customers into advocates
  • Creates a digital strategy to engage customers earlier in their life cycle

Featured Technology Case Study

Complex Sales, Simplified

A leading internet search company saw advertising potential in the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) market, but needed a way to instill customers with the confidence and skills to create successful online marketing campaigns. Our solution brought in $400 million in two years.

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