Automotive Recall Management

As the automotive industry continues to see recall increases, original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) and dealers need to respond quickly and responsibly to ensure the right customers are reached and that they complete the recall process. Effectively handling customer contact volatility and peak demand, identifying and reaching the correct automobile owners, and accounting for customer behaviors and demographics are key to driving lifts in completion rates.

Our integrated, insight-driven platform combines analytics, technology and services to drive compliance and improve completion rates. By harnessing the power of owner data and leveraging the strength of targeted communications, our advanced recall management strategy provides the automotive industry with a holistic, scalable solution to improve the customer experience and increase brand loyalty.


The integrated platform includes:

  • Recall Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Omnichannel Customer Communication Technology
  • Campaign Optimization
  • On Demand Inbound Recall Inquiry Management
  • Multichannel Marketing Recall Repair Campaigns
  • Forecasting and Measurement
  • Safe Haven Data Integration

Four Ways to Handle Recalls More Effectively

Recalls are “moments of truth” in OEMs’ relationships with their customers. But, they tend to be challenging and costly to manage. We recommend four new ways to approach a recall that will lead to higher response rates, lower operational costs, and a smoother overall process. And each of the recommendations cut to the heart of a great customer experience: treating different customers differently.

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