Apple Pay

Ready or not, Apple Pay™ is here. Your customers are using it but your organization isn’t quite sure what to do with it. Your front-line team is busy managing your day to day operations. Now what?

We can help:

  • In the short time since Apply Pay was released, we’ve helped multiple companies handle inquiries, ongoing questions and concerns
  • We are building a repository of common questions and answers
  • Our team of dedicated associates focuses on Apple Pay calls; supporting card, small business, and deposit customers with their Apple Pay accounts
  • We cover overnight Apple Pay calls to support the customer volume 24/7

Benefits of engaging TeleTech to support your Apple Pay customer service needs

  • Our success in supporting multiple financial institutions and our ability to hire, train and quickly ramp up to handle call volume provide your teams and customers with the support they need, when they need it
  • We care about your customers – our associates volunteered to work 9,000 extra hours over two weeks handling call volume so that their fellow associates could exclusively support the Apple Pay calls

We can start supporting you very quickly.

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