Learning & Performance

The World of Work is Changing

Great employee experience drives great customer experience.

Your employees - like your customers - are social, digital, and mobile. Teams today are global and virtual. Individuals want access to information anywhere, anytime. Learning is personal, on demand, and pervasive.

Organizations that have responded to this changing world are attracting, developing, and inspiring employees to perform at their personal best within a mobile, digital environment.

Employees that are motivated, culturally-aligned, and equipped with the right mindset and skillset will deliver exceptional experiences at every interaction. Get it right at every stage of the employee lifecycle, and you will have an engaged workforce that is competent, collaborative, and connected.


Learning & Performance Solutions


Amalgamated data that provides true business-impacting insights about your people’s competency levels and social sentiment that go beyond formal assessments and engagement surveys.


Recruit, align, onboard, train, and retain the talent you need for your organization in today’s digital workplace.

Leadership &

Programs and frameworks that develop the strengths and the behaviors your managers and leaders need to get the best out of their teams.

& Engagement

Campaigns integrated into your business, or change strategy that will align, energize, and engage your teams.


Mindset &

Programs that foster an agile and resilient workforce.

Knowledge &

Unified platforms that are accessed anytime, anywhere, containing knowledge from a single, ‘true’ source, gamified elements, and multimedia user generated content.


Sales strategy, knowledge, skills, mindset, and discipline that help sales leaders and their teams exceed their targets.


An examination of the hiring, training, and ultimate performance of your employees to determine the best ways to get the most out of your workforce.


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Learning & Performance

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Godiva transformed its in-boutique customer experiences to create greater customer loyalty and multichannel engagement.

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Learning & Performance

A Healthy Dose of Culture

Leading lifestyle brand builds empathy among associates to strengthen member relationships.

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Learning & Performance

Good to Great

A credit card company wanted to take its sales team to the next level.

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Learning & Performance

Upwardly Mobile

A cellular carrier needed its sales staff's skills to keep up with increasingly complex mobile phones.

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Learning & Performance

Business gets Social

A national healthcare provider keeps up with the industry's sweeping changes.

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Tommy Perkins
Sales Lead, Americas, Learning & Performance

What really energizes Tommy is helping others execute at their highest levels, and enabling them to leave lasting impressions on those around them. He is at his best when he’s helping his clients solve the types of complex issues that have lasting impacts on their organizations. He thrives when interacting with others, whether it’s helping his team succeed or working with clients to build long-term partnerships.

Tommy has been with the business since January 2014. He started in New York, and is now based in Los Angeles. Previously, he worked alongside industry thought leader Marcus Buckingham at The Marcus Buckingham Company (now part of ADP). In that role, he spent several years learning and understanding the nuances of strength-based leadership and how to shift the business landscape through performance management. Prior to that, he spent the better part of 10 years working in training and product management with Vail Resorts.

Tommy has had the privilege of working with some of the most well-known brands in professional services, retail, banking, and healthcare, across four continents. He has helped them develop large-scale learning and performance initiatives and implement long-term strategy changes.

When Tommy’s not engaging with clients, he’s busy spending time with his family, including his two young children, and traveling, skiing, and riding bikes along the beaches of Southern California.

Lamont Exeter
Head of Product & Innovation, Learning & Performance

Lamont is a firm believer that ‘today’s learner, is tomorrow’s leader.’ That mantra, and Whitney Houston’s hit song “I Believe the Children are the Future,” inspire him to wake up each day and give 100% in everything he does.

Lamont believes that, as leaders, we have a responsibility to guide, empower, listen to, and involve the next generation – which is why he is so passionate about our Learning & Performance practice at TeleTech. As the head of innovation, product development, and solutions within our team, he has the opportunity to research, work with, modernize, and operationalize emerging technologies.

Lamont was born in the Caribbean, and is currently based in Toronto. He appreciates that the contrast gives him balance; and that balancing humanity with technology is a constant struggle. The challenge is bringing both sides together to create solutions that enable our clients to solve their business challenges and enhance their employee performance.

Lamont started working with TeleTech in 1997. His team has won an array of industry awards, and he has had key speaking engagements at leading learning and knowledge organizations.

Lamont’s heart is firmly with today’s generation. He loves their openness towards change and their acceptance of global culture. Their unparalleled love for innovation and genuine caring of each other regardless of class, creed, or color paints a beautiful picture of our future. He is happy to play a small role in helping them along the way.

Len Patane
Head of Sales, Europe, Learning & Performance

Len is dedicated to empowering individuals to become the best, most authentic versions of themselves. He is passionate about creating exceptional employee experiences that transform groups of extraordinary individuals into high performing teams. He believes that “strategically aligning high-performing teams results in a truly engaging customer experience delivered by incredibly human brands.”

Len has been with the firm for 12 years, and has worked in Sydney and Dubai. Since 2011, he has been based in London. Len and his team are responsible for helping Europe's leading brands transform their corporate cultures, customer experience, and business performance, through the development of their employees’ skillsets and mindsets.

Len works with clients across Europe, cutting across all facets of sales, consulting, and solution delivery. Len and his team help their clients achieve measurable results through the delivery of flawless leadership execution, competitive sales transformation, and disruptive culture change initiatives.

Before joining the company, Len spent 17 years developing and refining his expertise in various sales and marketing roles at IBM, Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Citibank, and Telstra. Over the course of his career, he has helped a highly-diverse range of clients in over 40 countries – particularly within the telecommunications, banking, and professional services industries – turn their visions into business results.

Len is known as the master of breaking down complex scenarios and initiatives into simple, clear, and concise ideas and sharing them in a personable, engaging, and conversational style.

James Keeler
Head of Sales, Asia Pacific, Learning & Performance

James detests shoddy customer experiences. He has spent his life writing to companies to tell them about his experiences with their brands. He hates it when brands he is passionate about let him down, and feels it's his responsibility to help them improve. He uses his personal experiences to inform how he treats, leads, and advises his clients.

James is responsible for helping clients provide the face-to-face component of exceptional customer experiences. Based in Sydney, he is responsible for the business development team and leading the Sydney office. He believes that the better the experience of his team and colleagues, the happier they are, the harder they will work for their clients, and the more they'll talk about us as being a great place to work and to do business.

James spent many years as a financial services trader, and 10 years helping financial institutions work out who they are, what they represent, and how to get their employees delivering on their propositions.

With a degree in economics and a postgraduate degree in applied finance, James has a passion for markets and enjoys reading about industries and customer trends. He loves helping people play to their strengths, and seeing how doing so helps them become exceptional versions of themselves.

James’ wife is an engineer, and helps ‘keep him real.’

Tim Kirkman
Regional Lead, Asia Pacific, Learning & Performance

People typically describe Tim as ‘energetic and passionate, and great at motivating others.’

Tim is responsible for expanding our company across 14 countries within the Asia Pacific market, and is currently based in Melbourne. He has nearly three decades of consulting experience in leadership and pitching.

Tim works with senior clients and teams to deliver results in strategy, leadership, and sales transformation. His focus is on helping clients with applied leadership and business performance in the areas of alignment, leadership capability, and neuroscience.

Tim has worked on a range of projects to help clients improve leadership, leadership performance and strategy, sales effectiveness, and change management. He specializes in working with senior executives and leadership teams primarily in the finance services industry.

In addition to devoting himself to his family, Tim makes good use of his experience for the good of the community. He has a ministry where he develops pastors to communicate and connect effectively with their congregations.

Tim likes nothing more than a challenge of the “foodie” kind. Ask him to source the best handmade chocolate, cheese, or wine in the Yarra Valley (on the edge of Melbourne), and he will find it for you!


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