Convert Foresight into Brilliant Results

How the world’s most successful brands are seeing enviable business results.

It starts with having the right data – all kinds of data. Smart firms cut through the explosion of data from an increasing number of sources. They identify the really useful data and translate it into actionable insights that will drive their business performance.

Competitive advantage lies in acting swiftly and ‘in the moment’ to encourage the behaviors you want from customers and employees alike. It’s why automation of real-time, predictive, and prescriptive analytic processes are so vital.

It takes a certain know-how to derive the right data strategy and actionable insights for your business. That’s where we come in.

Our proven methodology - backed by our ready-to-use cloud infrastructure - starts by helping you understand what outcomes you want to achieve, efficiently fusing the omnichannel data you will need, and then deriving key analytic insights to deliver the results you desire.


Insights Solutions


Highly-accurate, self-learning models to predict customer actions across the entire lifecycle, such as the likelihood to purchase certain products, request customer care, defect to a competitor, and more.


Using integrated, customer-level data, key customer insights are generated about the attributes, attitudes, behaviors, and value – both present and future – of both individuals and households.


Understanding how customers interact with your brand across multiple channels, how engaged they are, and how easy or hard it is for them to accomplish what they set out to do.


Determining the business impacts of your online and offline multi-media investments on a range of business metrics, as well as understanding both the effectiveness and efficiency of these activities.


Applying a rigorous test and learn strategy, assessing the performance and ROI of your marketing campaigns across audiences, channels, offers, and creative executions.


Analyses and applications that determine the best allocation of marketing incentives and offers (typically of a limited amount) in order to achieve your desired business results.


Analytic efforts that focus on how to maximize customer participation in product recall initiatives, lowering your legal risks and improving customer satisfaction.

Voice of the

Analyzing customer feedback generated via a host of mechanisms such as surveys, social media posts, and customer service interactions captured on voice recordings, chats, and emails.

Contact Center Analytics

Assessing all aspects of a contact center’s operations, from the perspectives of both the associates and the customers, to improve customer satisfaction as well as the economics of the contact center.


An examination of the hiring, training, and ultimate performance of your employees to determine the best ways to get the most out of your workforce.


Client Stories

A Clean Sweep


Data and Goliath

Using sophisticated analytics to fend off a bigger TV/Web rival.

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A Surprise in Store

A turbo-charged coupon program brings more foot traffic to a major pharmacy chain.

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Marcy Riordan
Head of Insights, Americas

Marcy is our marketing analytics guru. She has a unique blend of analytics, finance, and strategy skills, and is passionate about helping companies grow their profits through customer insights.

Based in Boston, Marcy leads the Insights practice for the Americas region. She provides strategic direction for the company’s major accounts, including some of the world’s leading automotive brands.

Marcy initially joined the firm as a founding member of one of our acquired brands, iKnowtion. She has over 20 years of experience in data-driven marketing, risk management, and strategy consulting. Before joining the company, she served as an Analytic Director at Epsilon, where she led consulting engagements with several Fortune 500 companies. Prior to that, Marcy was Director of Database Marketing and a Risk Manager at GE Capital.

Marcy holds a BS in Business Administration, with a concentration in finance and economics, from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and is a graduate of General Electric's Financial Management Program.

When she is not working, Marcy takes any opportunity she can to be inspired by the great outdoors, and can be found seeking out the sun or trekking up mountains to discover breathtaking landscapes.

Peter Dorrington
Head of Insights, Europe

A self-confessed ‘science-aholic,’ Peter started his career working in astronomy and high-energy physics research. In his own words: “I used to spend my days working with things that went bang – sometimes they were even meant to!” While Peter didn’t end up pursuing a career in science, he remains a keen amateur astronomer to this day.

Today, Peter is a specialist in IT strategy, big data, and customer insight analytics. He particularly focuses on how analytics can be used to build stronger and more valuable relationships with customers, especially in digital and omnichannel environments.

Based in London, Peter has helped senior executives across Europe prepare strategies and plans for the exploitation of big data and analytics. He has worked with IT, marketing, finance, and operations leaders within the financial services, telecommunications, information technology, retail, and public sectors industries.

Peter is an expert at formulating and translating business vision and strategy into practical analytics solutions that get the best from both technology and the people that use it. A regular public speaker and writer, Peter is best known for his work on practical ‘how to’s’ for the implementation of complex projects.

Peter is a Chartered IT Professional and Member of the British Computer Society.


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