Client Story

Upwardly Mobile

A cellular carrier needed its sales staff's skills to keep up with increasingly complex mobile phones.

The Challenge

Smarter training for smarter phones

Few products change as often as mobile phones, with each new iteration leading to huge waves of demand from extremely well-informed buyers. One of the world's leading mobile communications providers faced the challenge of keeping its in-store sales teams up-to-date with both products and customers that were becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Our Solution

Training brings out the best

In connection with a physical re-design of the company's retail locations, we created two training programs, with the goal of presenting a single branded customer experience for the carrier's thousands of stores.

A one-day workshop for managers taught them coaching skills, to help them drive high-level performance from their teams. For sales associates, an intensive three-day program taught them the skills needed to successfully match customers with the right phone models, even in high-pressure situations. Since the company is a global brand, the training was localized when necessary to take different cultures into account.

The Results

Happier staffs make for happier customers

The company quickly saw increases in revenue, and also in metrics such as customer satisfaction rates. Most of its stores are franchise operations, with owners not required to spend money to provide the training. But the vast majority saw its value and were eager to participate. Nearly 85% of the staff who participated in the training said they'd recommend it to a colleague, and the company saw a downtick in its staff attrition rates. The program made fans out of customers, too; Net Promoter Scores increased 22% in the months after the staff retraining.


increase in NPS


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the program

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